A Teaching on Secrets About Writing And Publishing Your Book

Frequently Asked Questions
· I have a prophetic word about writing a book, how do I get started?
· I have a manuscript, how do I get it published?
· What are the steps involved in getting a book published?
· How do I position my book for mass marketing?
· Is getting a book published expensive?

This course is meant to be a training designed to help those who are thinking about writing, in the process of writing, or have written manuscripts that they would like to see get published. It will walk the student through the entire process of writing, editing, designing and getting his or her manuscript published. Writing is an art and you are never too late to learn it. Therefore, it is my desire that after you have taken this course, you will become well informed about how to write an effective manuscript and about the publishing industry. Remember, nothing happens until you actually write your thoughts down on a piece of paper. Unless you have money to pay a “ghost writer” to write your book for you, the information in this course will help you become an effective writer.


Required Materials for This Course Are:
1.Secrets About Writing And Publishing Your Book ($18.95)

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