A Teaching on Understanding the Power of Covenants

Frequently Asked Questions
· What are covenants?
· How does God view covenants?
· How does God want us to view covenants?
· Can past covenants truly affect my life after I am born again?

A covenant is a binding agreement both spiritually and physically and the covenants in our lives impact us for good or for bad on a daily basis. We all make covenants knowingly and unknowingly with our words, promises, oaths, vows, actions, places we visit, etc. Therefore, we must make efforts to understand them, to know how God uses them and also how the devil uses them. Doing this, will help us to know what we are to do when someone wants to bring us into a covenant agreement with them. We can stop and ask ourselves about the impact that making the covenant will have on our lives. Will making the covenant be in line with the New Covenant that we have with God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ? Will making the covenant bring us a blessing or a curse? Will it open the door for the devil to begin to afflict us and other members of our families?

This teaching on understanding the power of the past and present covenants in our lives will open the spiritual eyes of many as we seek to move to the next level in God.

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