A Teaching on Successful Mentoring Relationships

Frequently Asked Questions
· What is a mentor?
· Do I need a mentor?
· Why do I need a mentor?
· What is involved in mentoring relationship?
· What is the difference between a mentor and a counsel?
· Do I still need a mentor when I have a pastor?

This course teaches about the nature and dynamics of a mentoring relationship. You will learn how to mentor other people as well as how to be mentored. One of the major reasons for mentoring another person is to help the person develop godly character, integrity, values, etc., so that the person can grow in the Lord to fulfill his or her God-given destiny.

There are six lessons in this course that will help anyone who is interested in developing a successful mentoring relationship.

Required Materials for This Course Are:
1. A Workbook for Successful Mentoring ($14.95)
2. Keys to a Successful Mentoring Relationship ($18.95)

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