A Teaching on Visions and Dreams

Frequently Asked Questions
· Does every dream have a meaning?
· Should dreams be ignored?
· What should you do when you have the same dream over and over?
· What does it mean when you see your dead relative or friend in a dream?
· What happens when you wake up from a dream and cannot remember it?
· Do we dream because we ate the wrong food or ate too much?

This lesson will address almost all the questions that you have concerning visions and dreams.

Lesson 1

This teaching is for all those that want to understand the visions and dreams that they get and also for those that want to be able to accurately and biblically interpret their visions and dreams. There are certain things that every Christian needs to know about visions and dreams. This lesson lays the foundation for what God wants His visions and dreams to accomplish in our lives. It also addresses the plans of the evil one with his visions and dreams.

(a) Key principles about visions and dreams
(b) Reasons God uses visions and dreams
(c) Reasons why we get dreams from the other sources

Scripture References:
Numbers 12:6
John 8:12
Genesis 37:5-11
Daniel 2:48
I Corinthians 2:12

Lesson 2

We all need to be able to tell who is talking to us in our visions and dreams because God is not the only source from which people get visions and dreams. There are other sources. This lesson addresses them all.


(a) Sources of our visions and dreams

Scripture References:
Joel 2:28
Hosea 12:10

Lesson 3

(a) How to identify the sources of our visions and dreams
This is a detailed teaching on how to identify the different sources of our visions and dreams.
(b) Actual interpretation of visions and dreams follows
This lesson is followed by activation for those who want to receive the Anointing to understand and interpret their visions and dreams.

Scripture References:
John 8:44
Proverbs 18:21
James 1:14

Required Materials for This Course Are:
1. A Teacher’s Manual on Visions and Dreams ($14.95)
2. Keys to understanding Your Visions and Dreams ($16.95)

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