Prophetess Mary can be scheduled by ministries and churches to teach and/or preach on the courses below for conferences, workshops, Sunday services and other events. In the past, Mary J Ministries held classes on a monthly basis at Life Center Ministries, in Dunwoody, GA, but now classes are held at Mary J. Ministries classroom at the Lilburn office and ministries have been sending their leaders and groups to be trained and equipped for years.

To schedule Prophetess Mary to come to your location, please contact us at 770-458-7947 or maryjministries@yahoo.com. For additional information, course offerings and to schedule Prophetess Mary for an event, also call at the contact phone number above.


Course Offerings

Course #1 - A Teaching on Spiritual Discernment

Course #2 - A Teaching on Visions and Dreams

Course # 3 - A Teaching on Successful Mentoring Relationships

Course # 4 - A Teaching on Understanding the Power of Covenants

Course # 5 - A Teaching on Secrets About Writing And Publishing Your Book

Ongoing Classes

Visions & Dreams Classes
Come and learn how to understand and interpret your visions and dreams.

Do you have visions and dreams?
Do you understand their true meaning?

Do you understand where they come from?

Class Times:
Classes are announced on a monthly and weekly basis through email or on our blog site. Check often for updates.

This class will help you to learn what you need to know about visions and dreams so...
Bring Your Visions & Dreams to Class for interpretation
Classes are taught by Dr. Mary J. Ogenaarekhua at our Lilburn office at
Place: 463 Dogwood Drive, NW
Lilburn, GA 30047

Contact us for registration or register online.

If you have questions about class please call 770-458-7947

Required Materials:
1.A Teacher's Manual on Visions and Dreams $14.95 (Classroom Manual)
2. Keys to Understanding Your Visions and Dreams $16.95 (Text Book)

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Other Classes

How to Discern and Expel Evil Spirits

Are you called to the healing and deliverance ministry?
Do you want to flow in spiritual discernment?
Do you want an understanding about the spiritual realm?
Do you want to learn biblical principles about spiritual discernment?

Come and learn the basics of deliverance concerning how to be set free and to set others free.

Check back for future class dates.

Required Materials for This Course Are:
1. A Teacher’s Manual on Discerning and Expelling Evil Spirits $14.95 (Classroom Manual)
2. How to Discern and Expel Evil Spirits $16.95 (Text Book)

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Mentoring Class

Do you want to be mentored or learn how to mentor others? If so, this class is for you.
Call us at 770-458-7947 for registration information.

Required Materials for This Course Are:
1. A Workbook for Successful Mentoring ($14.95)
2. Keys to a Successful Mentoring Relationship ($18.95)

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How to Write and Publish Your Book

Are you in the process of writing or trying to publish your manuscript?
If so, call us at 770-458-7947 to reserve a seat for this class.

Required Materials for This Course Are:
1.Secrets About Writing And Publishing Your Book ($18.95)

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New Releases

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